Sky Lounge:-
The GP's sky lounge also gives the excellent experience of dining under the sky.

The sky lounge of the GP's hotel offers the widespread view of the dhauladhar range of mountains, where one can spend hours together while be holding the frequently changing colour of the following spots :-

  • The Highest snow peak "Hanuman Ka Tibba" at 5639m (18500ft.)
  • The ancient Bhagsunag "shiva Temple"
  • The "Triund" Trekking point (9817 ft. above sea level )
  • The indrunag Temple
  • The indrahar Pass (14350 ft. above sea level)
  • Ever flowing Waterfall
  • Slate Mines
  • Dharamkot village
  • Bhagsu Swimming Pool
  • Mata Gallu Devi Temple (7800 ft. above sea level)
  • Chola Curves
  • Legendary Churan Khad (River)
  • Bhagsunag Market & Parking
  • The Highest snow Peak "Hanuman Ka Tibba"
  • The ancient Bhagsunag Temple.
  • The "Triund" trekking point
  • The Indrunag Temple
  • The Indrahar Pass
  • Ever Flowing Waterfall
  • Slate Mines
  • Dharamkot Village
  • Bhagsu Swimming Pool
  • Mata Galu Devi Temple
  • Chola curves
  • Legendary Churan Khad
  • Bhagsunag Market & Par