Kunal Pathri Temple

Kunal Pathri Temple (located in the Dhauladhar Ranges in Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh) which is rock pilgrimage near dharamshala. Its said that there used to live a great devotee of lord Vishnu named Kunal. This temple is dedicated to goddess Kapaleshwari. It has beautiful carvings of gods and goddesses. It is believed that the skull of Devi Sati (Dakshayani), the wife of Lord Shiva, fell here after being cut off by the Chakra of Lord Vishnu into fifty-one pieces, to stop the ferocious dance, Tandava Nritya, of Shiva carrying the corpse of Sati(Dakshayani). Distance from GPs-12 Kms


War Memorial

The War Memorial is situated in Dharamshala town, near the entry point to Dharamshala commemorates. This was built in the memory of those who fought valiantly for the honour and defence of the mother land. The place is ideally located amid the pine forest. There is also a cafe just close to War Memorial serving fast food and beverages.Three huge panels fo Black Marble are etched with the names of those martyrs who laid down their lives guarding the Motherland in the operations of 1947-48, 1962,1965,1971 and in various peace keeping missions , bearing testimony to their supreme sacrifices.. Distnace from GPs-12 Kms


The Tibetan Medical & Astro Institute

Established in 1961 and provides traditional Tibetan medicine and medical treatments. It has more than 50 students every year who study traditional Tibetan medicine, and also has a pharmacy, an in-patient unit and a surgical center. The institute also does research and development on thousands of medical compounds. They even distribute traditional Tibetan medicines to medical facilities all over the world. Distance from GPs-4Kms



Khaniyara is a charming village situated just 8 km from Dharamshala, in Himachal Pradesh. The place is noted for its scenic beauty and is a much visited pilgrim spot. Khaniyara is the starting point of the trek route to Bharmaur. Major point of attraction here is the Aghanjar Mahadev Temple. The Indru Nag Temple, situated on the way to the village, is also frequented by devotees. Distance from GPs-14 Kms


Gopalpur Zoo

Gopalpur Zoo was established by the wildlife department of Himachal Pradesh Government on Dharamshala-Palampur road, in Kangra District. It is spread over 30 acres of thick forest. The Himalayan black bear is its major attraction. The zoo also houses animals such as leopard, asiatic lion, sambhar, hog deer, barking deer, red fox and angora rabbits. Distance from GPs-30 Kms


Jwalamukhi Temple

It is nearly two-hour excursion would take guest to the famous Jwalamukhi Temple, dedicated to the Goddess of Light. There is no idol to worship as such in the temple. Rather a constantly burning blue flame emanating from inside the rocks is worshipped.The ancient temple built against a wooded spur , has a dome that was gilded by Maharaja Ranjit Singh ,Pilgrims consider an eternally burning flames emanating froma hollow rock in a sanctum to be a manifestation of the Godess Devi. The Temple comes live with Navratra celebrations and colorful fairs during March-April and Sep-Oct every year. Distance from GPs-57 Kms


Mcleodganj Bazar/ Nowrojee's General Store

Located in the center and surrounded by prayer wheels, this Buddhist stupa, is a memorial to those Tibetans who lost their lives fighting for a free Tibet. A statue of the Sakyamuni Buddha is enshrined in a small chamber, and all day and night, you will see devotees turn the prayer wheels as they circumambulate the stupa, reciting mantras. Distance from GPs- 2 Kms


Tatwani & Macchial

This is a religious place with hot springs near by on the bank of Gaj rivulet , a tributary of Beas river . It is both a religious as well as an attractive picnic spot. Distance from GPs -40 Kms


Gyuto Monastry

Gyuto Tantrik Monestry is located at Sidhwari which is also known as Karmapa Temple as Karmapa Lama is residing here .The Karmapa is considered to be the third most revered Spirtual Guru amongst the Tibetans after the Dalai Lama and the Pancham Lama. Diatance form GPs-8 kms.



A scenic spot with a rest house located in the local depths of a picninc grove .The beautiful Kareri Lake is set amiiiiiidst green meadows and forests of tal oak & pine , at an altitude of 3250 meters. Distance from GPs:- 13 Kms



A cave Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is famous of its stalactite ands stalagmite formations. Distance from GPs- 55 Kms

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