Chamunda Devi Temple

It is a famous temple with Dhauladhar forming a majestic backgdrop .It is an enchanting spot with a glorious view of the mountains,the baner khud ,pathiar and lahla forests. Distane from JPS -20 Kms


Cricket Stadium

Dharmshala Cricket stadium is rated as one of the best High Altitude Cgicket stadium in the world. It is a beautiful stadium of International standards from where Dhauladhar is worth visible and enthiusiasts can enjoy the game as well as the nature .It is an ideal stadium for coaching camps in sweltering summers. It is a fovourate venue for the IPL tournament every Year. Distance from GPs -8 Kms


Naddi & Talanu

1.5 Kms form the Dal lake is the scenic spot of Naddi offering a clear view of Kangra valley and Dhauladhar perls .It is connected wirh road and is famous as sun set point.It is also a stating point for trek to Kareri lake , Guna Devi temple and Triund. Distance from GPs-5 Kms


Baglamukhi Temple

It is an ancient temple of Mata Baglamukhi close to Kangra .The temple has the stone Idol of Mata Durga and is said to be a fine example of stone carving. Distance from JPs-55 Kms.


Neugal Khad

Situated close to Palampur , It is the dramatic Bundla chasm where the river spills through the gorge in splendid fury during the monsoon. Distance from GPs—45 Kms.


Sobha Singh Art Gallery

It is situated at Andretta, the charming village is 13 Kms away from Plampur .It is now a centre fro varied artistic actiites .Well known for poetry , The palce must be isited by all those having interest in the art form. Distance from GPs-60 Kms.


Hang/Paragliding Range at Billing/Bir

Sheltered by the mountains and surrounded by tea gardens .Bir serves as a playground for Hang gliders and is well known for the buddist monastiers and Tibetan hansicraft/.It is one of the best


Galu Devi Temple

Galu Devi temple is on tne way to Triund & one of the famous renowed devi temple at the height of 10000 ft. at the height of 10000 ft. at Dharamshala


Indrunag Temple

This Temple is located on way to Khaniyara Village about 3 kms from Kotwali Bazaar. 2 kms road route upto the village Chola and 1 km trek route to the Indrunag temple. This temple is dedicated to Nag, the Lord of Snakes, and the Lord of Rains. In the Month of July many devotees of the local areas visit the Temple.


Aghanjar Mahadev Temple

A scenic spot with a rest house located in the local depths of a picninc grove .The beautiful Kareri Lake is set amiiiiiidst green meadows and forests of tal oak & pineThis temple is located at a distance of 8.5 km from Dharamshala and just a few meters from the Khaniyara village, famous for its scenic beauties. Once when Arjun, of Mahabarat, was on his way to the Kailash Mountains. Lord Shiva appeared in front of Arjun and blessed him with the Boon of Victory over the Kauravas. At this place Baba Ganga Bharati has fired "Akhand Dhuni" (Sacred Fire).


Shiva Temple

Shiva Temple At Baijnath is one of the famous jyotirlinga , This particularly beautiful ancient Shiv temple at Baijnath is 50 km from Dharamshala, on the Pathankot-Mandi national highway . Built of stone in the 9th century AD in the shikhara style, it is a fine blend of sculpture and architecture. The temple is easily accessible from both Palampur and Kangra. The linga enshrined in its sanctum is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in the country. Every year during the Shivratri fair, pilgrims decend on Baijnath for the colourful fair and festivities.

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